IWmon is a product that offers standardized capacity and performance monitoring across your server and storage estate. Thanks to the intuitive graphics and custom metrics, IWmon has proven itself helpful in countless situations by quickly and safely identifying the causes of performance problems; whether you are trying to identify CPU, IO, or memory bottlenecks, with IWmon you are just three mouse-clicks away from the answer.

Although most of our customers already use standard vendor-supplied tools for monitoring, they still deploy IWmon because of its proven ability to monitor performance from end-to-end, as an aid to troubleshooting, whilst also providing integrated capacity planning and charge-back.
The custom metrics cover all areas from host (AIX, Solaris, Windows, Linux), hypervisor (Vmware / vSphere), and storage array (HDS, NetApp), through to the backup software used to protect it all (IBM TSM), thereby providing a truly cross-platform view.

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Achieve full transparency on kpi and critical metrics, create confidence and certainty.

Performance- and Capacity-Management

Analyze and verify your virtual and physical resource utilisation to get the most from existing infrastructure, and avoid over-committing your it-infrastructure.

End to End Monitoring

Measure resource usage on various platforms and services, help to identify bottlenecks, increase quality.


Discover and justify the costs with accurate usage based information for specific business services.

Health Check

In&Work AG measures key performance indicators within your infrastructure over a defined period of time. IWmon is then used to produce the graphs and charts required to assist in the fast and efficient identification of the causes of your performance problems.

Deliverables:  Monitoring of servers (Solaris, Linux, AIX or Windows)  or  storagesystem / Management Summary

Prerequisites: Deployment of a virtual server in a VMware / vSphere environment. Installation of IWmon agents on desired systems.

Price: On application

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In&Work AG is a highly spezialized IT company which lets you reduce costs and improve quality of your IT services and IT infrastructure based on efficient standardization, automation and optimization.

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